[Some spoilers for Logan follow.]

Who would have imagined that a movie full of brutal violence would turn out to make a persuasive plea for human dignity and the integrity of the body?

Logan might have more graphic violence and death in it than most other superhero movies combined. Set in a dark near-future in which mutants have been nearly wiped out by genocide, the movie depicts a Wolverine who has been reduced from superhero to chauffeur and struggles to keep an elderly Charles Xavier hidden from the U.S. government, which has classified Xavier as a weapon of mass destruction. It’s a world of ugliness, debauchery, greed, and hatred—a world that has carried the fear of mutants to its seemingly logical conclusion: they’re all but eradicated.

From the opening scene, Logan shows us a world in which the human body and person have little dignity or meaning. A gang of thieves forces Logan, who just wants to live in peace and leave his violent past behind him, to bare his claws. They shoot him in the chest with a shotgun without a second’s hesitation and laugh about it as they go back to stealing the rims from his car. But Logan responds in kind: claws pierce skulls, sever limbs, and send blood spraying.

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