If you like what I do here at A Clash of Heroes, you might also like the first novel in my fantasy series, Animus: Little Gods. Nobody wears a cape or a mask in Animus, but it is very much inspired by my love for comics and superheroes, and it tells the origin story for a whole world of super-powered heroes, freaks, and villains who will populate the rest of the series.

As self-important as this probably sounds, you might think of Animus as a blending the landscape of The Stand or The Walking Dead with the philosophical tone of Watchmen or The Dark Knight Returns––along with the old-fashioned heroism of Marvel and DC heroes. It has telepaths, shape-shifters, demons––as well as a few “normal” people who are far more horrifying than the freaks.

Here’s the synopsis from the back cover:

The old world has ended, and the people who are left to survive forgot it long ago. In the absence of science, technology, and civilization, something old has become new again. An ancient power, older than creation, moves among the survivors of a deadly plague and seeks to remake the world into something that it believes will be better: a place where the struggle for power and survival will push humankind toward a greatness that the world has never seen.

After spending their entire lives barely surviving in isolation from one another, Athen, Paul, Henry, Brenn, Ansela, and Crow each find a new kind of life thrust upon them. A figure that they only know as the Man in the Woods (or, at times, the Woman in the Woods) changes their lives in powerful and often traumatic ways. A few of them believe that they have become powerful—others that they have become monsters.

Each of these people will try to escape the path that the Man in the Woods has set before them, but they’ll discover that freedom doesn’t mean making your own path—it means only what you do on that path. As they move toward the destiny set before them, each will have to choose between darkness and light.

Whatever their choices, each of these freaks will reshape the decayed world that they live in—for good or for evil.

Enter the word of Animus.

The book is available both in Kindle and print editions from Amazon.