I haven’t kept up with this blog for a while because of my fiction writing. It turns out there’s only so much writing one person can do (especially someone with a family and a job in higher ed).

Readers of this blog might find some things that I’ve been working on of interest, though:

First, I’m right in the middle of writing a series of sci-fi thriller novels called Forbidden Minds. The series is set in a near future in which governments of the world control all human reproduction in an effort to prevent the births of telepaths, and it tells the story of two women who stand up and fight that system. It’s got everything a reader of this blog might expect: exciting action; strong heroines (and heroes); people with powers; and all kinds of difficult philosophical problems. You can find the first book here. The second book will be released soon.

While I haven’t been able to do much pop-culture-and-philosophy writing lately, I did recently write a piece about Ghost of Tsushima and philosophy for the …And Philosophy website.

Readers of A Clash of Heroes might also find a piece that I wrote about politics in fiction writing for my publisher’s blog.