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Ranking MCU Villains: Tier Two

In an earlier post, I explained my methodology for ranking the MCU’s villains. In this post, I present the villains I have placed in the second or middle tier. (You can find my Tier One post here.)

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Ranking MCU Villains: Tier Three

In a previous post, I explained my methodology for ranking the MCU’s villains. Despite what seems to be popular opinion, Marvel has given us some great movie villains . . . but you can’t deny that some of them have been less than great. This tier includes (in no particular order) Marvel’s weakest villains. None of them are terrible (even Marvel’s worst is still not bad), but when you compare some of them to the best that Marvel has done, they just don’t quite hold up. Continue reading “Ranking MCU Villains: Tier Three”

Ranking the MCU’s Villains: Intro


One of the most consistent criticisms against the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that it has weak villains. Certainly Marvel has given us several of one-and-done villains, underdeveloped characters like Malekith who appear and die in the same movie. But the criticism that Marvel often receives for their villains is not fair to the range of villainy that has appeared (and will continue to appear) in the MCU.

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